Did you know that, due to a lack of confidence, 39% of candidates make the wrong impression during a job interview? Well, the devil is in the detail. Body language, excessive thought, cliched presentations, and voice inflection can be eliminating factors. And most of the time, a low confidence level directly results from inadequate preparation. 

To dodge these curveballs, we’ve compiled a list of essential steps you should take before the interview.

Examine the Job Description in Depth

As absurd as it may sound, many job applicants don’t read the job description thoroughly. This demonstrates that the incentive to apply is driven by salary or other attractive benefits that have nothing to do with the role itself. What a dealbreaker in the eyes of the recruiter! So, make sure you understand every responsibility listed in the ad.

And here’s another ace up your sleeve. Reviewing the job description will help you better understand what is expected of you, anticipate questions and provide appropriate responses during the interview.

Learn Everything You Can About the Company

Understanding the company’s values, culture, and target audience is also critical. No one will take you seriously if you appear at the interview more oblivious than Jon Snow. You can learn about the company’s history, projects, clients, and results by visiting its official website, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. 

Top tip for the ultra-motivated: Reaching out to current employees to gain a deeper insight into the company’s goals is another smart move!

Consider Why You Want This Position

Let’s be honest. It’s not as if getting the job is always based on a desire to broaden your horizons and learn new skills. It’s okay if secure earnings take precedence at times. However, put only some of the cards on the table. When asked why you want this job, try to focus on the responsibilities you would have in this position. 

Then aim your response toward how your skills correspond to those tasks while giving you the opportunity to improve yourself and enjoy your work. And say it like you mean it!

Determine Skills Relevant to This Role

Let’s say you have many skills you are proud to point out. But are they all relevant to your employer? If your skills aren’t aligned with the role, the chances of getting a follow-up offer are slim to none. So, review the role description carefully and find the appropriate skill for each requirement. 

And, while you’re at it, you should come across as trustworthy. So, without eulogies, which can be interpreted as exaggeration or conceit, state your skills precisely and concisely. No recruiter enjoys a show-off!

Go Through the Most Frequently Asked Questions

One way to advance to the next round of interviews is to come across as someone who meets the company’s requirements and is genuinely interested in the role. Find the most frequently asked questions online to avoid clumsy and inadequately thought-out answers.

Google the questions. Not the answers. The more general your response, the more dishonest you appear. So, use these questions to ponder a unique reaction that will entice recruiters to consider you as someone genuinely interested in the role who thinks outside the box.

Think of a Question to Ask

When you’ve mastered the recruiter’s questions, it’s time to plan your own. Even if you know the answer to a question, ask it. This way, you demonstrate interest, initiate communication, and confirm that you have researched the company. Of course, if you don’t ask questions about what was already said during the interview or something inappropriate. 

According to some statistics, 32% of hiring managers consider it a disadvantage when a candidate skips asking the question. Why take a chance?

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing your presentation and answering questions in front of a mirror, a family member, or a friend is a great way to boost your confidence. Also, in this way, you ensure you will include all vital information about your professional background. Finally, because you will eliminate anxiety and uncertainty as you repeat, you will appear more relaxed and approachable during the interview.

You can also enhance your performance by practicing with expert mentors online. Fake Interview allows you to simulate the actual interview, after which the mentor will tell you what is excellent and what could be improved in your presentation. Is it a more reliable method than the mirror with no objective feedback? It is worth a shot!

Last but Not Least

What about your appearance and manners now that you’ve prepared all the answers and boosted your confidence? It goes without saying that you should dress appropriately and smile occasionally. At the end of the day, the employer values the employees’ personalities – not just their knowledge.

With all this in mind, work out each step; you may get the job of your dreams before you know it. Fingers crossed!